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Go Back to the List September 24, 2019
Indian govt focuses on internationalization in the new draft national education policy

With a focus to internationalise education, India has proposed an exciting development in the new National Education Policy (NEP), according to the country’s government agency for international education, Education New Zealand (ENZ).

New Zealand is willing to extend its support to the Indian government for such a proposal.

“New Zealand and India are pursuing a strong programme of international education collaboration, ranging from student and academic mobility to joint research initiatives,” John Laxon, Regional Director Asia, Education New Zealand.Adding further on the collaboration, Laxon said, “International education collaboration benefits the education systems, economies and societies of both countries. New Zealand looks forward to partnering with India in the field of education for the long-term.”

According to official statistics, there has been a 63 per cent increment in first time student visas for universities in New Zealand and the number has nearly doubled from university enrolment numbers in 2017.

“It helps talented Indian students pursue a range of specialist programmes in areas such as STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), business and creative arts at New Zealand universities. Already over 100 talented Indian students have benefitted from these scholarships,” said ENZ Chief Executive, Grant McPherson.

McPherson added,”Awardees go on to strengthen ties between our two countries by contributing to a broader exchange of ideas in our universities, building our respective research capabilities, and enriching our cultures.

The ENZ on Tuesday announced 32 new scholarships worth Rs 8.2 million.

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Written by Reetika Bose,
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