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Go Back to the List October 10, 2018
Government announces $ 400 million for schools to implement new high school

In an event in the Planalto, Temer and minister also announced investment of R $ 200 million to evaluate impact of high school full time

President Michel Temer announced on Thursday (4), with the Minister of Education, Rossieli Soares, investment of R $ 600 million for the implementation of the new high school and for research to evaluate the impact of the High School Program in Full Time - which will include 312 public schools from all states and the Federal District.

Of the amount announced today, R $ 400 million will be committed to the implementation of the new high school in 5 thousand schools in the country by 2020. The remaining R $ 200 million are reserved for the execution of the research with schools that will adopt the education model in full time in 2019. The amount should be paid later this year, as promised by the MEC. In his speech, Temer emphasized the social importance of the full-time program. "On the one hand, the educational aspect, if you stay more in school, will learn more." But it has the social aspect, in a poor country like ours, many of the students are needy, vulnerable, they feed at school. great advantage of integral education, "he said. The schools preselected by the MEC have some points in common: the high socioeconomic vulnerability, they still do not count on the integral education and they have 100 students enrolled in the high school at least. The objective is to measure the social return on investment and to qualify education spending in the country in order to combat student disapproval and dropout.

Even without adequate infrastructure, schools can participate in the research, as long as they are in the necessary adaptations by 2020. Resources can be used to improve this structure, the salaries of staff and teachers and purchase educational materials, according to Rossieli Soares. The minister also added that quilombola schools, indigenous, rural or have students with very low socioeconomic profile, will receive an additional 10% of the total value. "There is something that we have to bring to the center [of the debate] is learning." Recently, we disseminated the results of Brazilian education and they are worrisome, especially in relation to high school, which has not improved in learning. abandoned school and this process of transformation is very important.We need to put the youth in the center, work the protagonism of our youth, "said Minister Rossieli Soares. The new format of high school, approved last year, establishes that schools will begin to teach content common to the whole country, which should occupy 1,800 hours of the three years of the course and that, in the remaining time, students can choose specific courses in languages, mathematics, natural sciences, humanities or technical education. "It's no longer possible to have 3.5 million young people entering the first year of high school and 1.7 million concluding. We are losing millions of young people," said the Education Minister . "If we continue to misrepresent our young people, we are throwing away their future," he added.

All schools will have from November 5 to 25 to join the new high school . The impact assessment of full-time education must be published on Friday (5) by MEC. Adherence can be made by schools until October 19.

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