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India: 70% want to continue study abroad

Some 70% of prospective international students from India want to continue with their applications to study overseas, a survey by Mumbai-based ed-tech startup Yocket has found.

While a fifth of respondents said it was “too early to decide”, only 9% suggested they wanted to defer their admission. A mere 1% answered that they wanted to remain in the country and begin their studies in India.

“We have seen panic among students looking to study abroad,” Sumeet Jain, Yocket co-founder said in a statement. “Many of the students were in the middle of their applications for the fall 2020 season.”

Yocket has also announced it will begin free advising services to prospective international students. According to the company, many applicants are facing major problems accessing information from universities overs as well as counseling services from faculty.

“If the students aren’t able to complete their process they would end up wasting a year. We don’t want that to happen,” Jain added. “Even if the term starts online or a bit late, they would need to be prepared. We want to be sure that students don’t waste this time in panic.”

Additionally, Yocket – which says it has registered more than 350,000 students at 100+ international universities in the US, Canada, UK & Hong Kong – is providing free webinar services to international universities so they can interact with candidates directly.

“The user can take the services from the website as well as a mobile application where most of the information is available at a DIY level and they can get personalized guidance from experienced counselors,” Jain noted.

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Written by Viggo Stacey,
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