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Go Back to the List February 26, 2020
India To Roll Out IND-SAT Exams Across Asia And Africa

The government of India hopes to increase international student enrolment in the Study in India campaign by the introduction of an IND-SAT aptitude test.

The Indian government has formalised its budget for the year 2020 and special attention was given to the Study in India initiative which was launched in 2018.

The aim of the Study in India initiative was to increase the number of international students coming to India for graduate and post graduate studies.

With the introduction of IND-SAT, the government hopes to further boost the initiative and attract even more international students by awarding scholarships to meritorious students.

India also hopes to attract the brightest students from neighbouring countries to continue higher studies in Indian universities.

IND-SAT to be held in 13 Asian and African countries

India’s National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct the first round of IND-SAT exams in May 2020 in 13 countries across Asia and Africa.

These countries are India, Nepal, Tanzania, Indonesia, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Uganda, Zambia, and Mauritius.

IND-SAT is based on the American aptitude test, SAT, and will question potential students on their English language skills, maths and logical reasoning.

The NTA will soon provide sample papers so students can better prepare for the exam. 

Scholarships available from India for IND-SAT takers

Manoj Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director of Educational Consultants India Limited (EdCIL), explained in The Times of India that 2000 scholarships had been sanctioned for students appearing in the IND-SAT and a further 700 scholarships will be allocated from last year’s remaining funds.

80% of the total scholarships are for undergraduate students and the remaining 20% will be for postgraduate students.

Last year, out of the 3200 students enrolled in the Study in India campaign, 1800 were granted scholarships. This years’ registration for the campaign has already begun and Mr Kumar claims that around 7200 students will sit for the IND-SAT.

As reported by Global Education Times, last year, the Study in India campaign failed to attract the target number of international students.

Previously, it was also stated that India is looking to introduce its own version of a language test like TOEFL for foreign students in order to ‘increase the country’s ranking for higher education globally’.

With IND-SAT and the subsequent granting of scholarships, this year the government hopes to reach their target numbers.

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Written by Zahra Hamdani,
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