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Alfred Nobel Open Business Scool - ANOBS

These are the pillars of our educational institution which can provide basis for our students’ careers. We are far from the end of the road, a new institute joins our mission nearly every day from the world, and thus our international education is continuously expanding. Our students come from several parts of the world. To see our unique opportunities, please visit the homepage of our colleges Zürich. We look forward to meeting you, too, join us.

You have 2 choices, be regular and pick others or be unique and get unique knowledge from ANOBS. You can get educated but  tha matter is how and from what curriculum.

We offer higher vocational training programmes, graduate college courses and business doctoral programmes in English and in German. Training is designed not only to acquire knowledge and a diploma but subsequent successful employment of the largest and most established economies. In every case we introduce the most modern teaching technologies and methods in our education the fastest that appear in the world. Take advantage of this unique opportunity in which you can learn from the most respected education systems.

Location Zurich
Type University