Sunshine Worldwide Sr Secondary School Goa

About School

Sunshine Worldwide Senior Secondary School is the brain child of Deepak Khaitan founded in June 2003. It was conceptualised in December 2002, with a vision to foster real life education, steeped in the values of a traditional Indian outlook, assuring a balance of international and ethnic expectations. Our aim is to nurture our youth to follow their own path, paved by their individual dreams and to shape their future with a unique positive attitude.To Create an Internationally Recognised Education Company by franchising a well-researched and developed system with SWS’s unique philosophy which can be easily adopted by a Franchisee to create an atmosphere and infrastructure for each student, parent, staff and community Learn to live naturally, spiritually & unconditionally happy in this artificial unnecessary competitive and stressful society. A step by step approach to create a New World of relaxed, blissful, loving, caring, confident, competent, talented, valued, responsible, cooperative, committed achievers.Sunshine Worldwide School aims to develop competent, global humane beings with responsible entrepreneurial skills and abilities to create an unconditionally happy world respecting nature and diversity.We are committed in making SWS an excellent learning community bustling with zestful children, staff and parents engaged in active learning through the innovations in the field, providing holistic education, while keeping in mind everyone’s individual learning styles. We will continuously keep the research on with our R & D Visionary TEAM to plan for the anticipated changes of the future.

Location Goa
Country India
Website www.sunshineworldwideschool.com
Type High School