St Marks Sr Sec Public School

About School

MS. ALKA KHER joined the school in 1983 dreaming of evolving the institution in such a way that students feel elated, nurtured and blessed to attend school everyday. She has always worked towards holistic and intellectual development of students. Her hard work and perseverance led to her promotion as Head Mistress in 1996; then as a Vice Principal in 2007 and now as a Principal to lead the school to name, fame and glory. Being a science hand, she has always believed in articulate planning, scientific and meticulous rendition of any task at hand. As a pro in History and English Literature, she takes keen interest in planning and organizing different educational and co-curricular activities. She spearheaded the CCE pattern of Examination System in school. With immense patience and forthright vision she succeeded in moulding the teachers and students and thus made the CCE a grand success in the school. She was selected by CBSE to mentor and guide other schools about the smooth functioning of CCE system. Students see a friend, philosopher and a guide in her and she implants dreams of success and pioneering leadership.

Location Delhi
Country India
Website www.saintmarksschool.com/new/janakpuri
Type High School