SKV Vidhyaashram Namakkal

About School

At SKV Vidhyaashram, we recognize that each student has a unique learning method due to differential skills, abilities, attention spans and other learning needs. In order to bring out the best in each child we have devised our academic program to be able to recognize these differential abilities at an early stage and direct our teaching initiatives to help the student leverage their positive abilities to overcome areas of learning difficulties.These initiatives include maintaining small class sizes with trained faculty to identify student learning patterns, devising continuous skill-based plans to suit these learning patterns of students and delivering them in an integrated manner using our completely digitized classroom infrastructure. We are able to successfully leverage the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) framework of CBSE to constantly monitor student progress and update learning material in a timely manner ensuring positive learning.

Location Tamilnadu
Country India
Website www.skvvidhyaashram.edu.in
Type High School