Remal Public School

About School

‚ÄčThe Remal Public School Society was established in 1967 by Dr. R. P. Bajaj in the memory of his father Rai Bahadur Late Sh. Remal Dass Bajaj who was a social reformer and was always keen to help under privileged children and widows. Remal Public School owes its inception to the profound vision of its founder Dr. R. P. Bajaj and Mrs. Shakuntla Bajaj. They are the driving spirit and the guiding light behind this project in developing and educating children. Remal Public School , Rohini was established in 1988 to promote a system of integral education which emphasises the unity of all the knowledge and synthesizes the Humanities and Sciences. A constant endeavour is made to organise an environment affording inspiration for the development of body, mind and spirit, along witht he values of truth, honesty, integrity and ardor. Through years of sincere dedication and perseverance, RPS has become a premier educational Institute.

Location Delhi
Country India
Website www.remalpublicschool.com
Type High School