Hayde Heritage Academy

About School

The picturesque campus of Heritage Academy Kotdwara is located in the main town of Kotdwara, Uttarakhand located approx 240 Km Northeast of Delhi, in the foothills of Garhwal Himalayas. With the promise of quality education for children, Mukandi Lal Shiela Hayde Society (MLSH) launched the junior school (from Class Nursery to Grade 4) on 04 Jul 2011 and named the school Heritage Academy Kotdwara. Today the school is functional till Grade 7 with plans to take it up to Grade 10 under CBSE. To establish good credentials and setting high standards, the school engaged a leading curriculum support company to support the academics. In three years the school has gained credibility in terms of academics and its rigour as well as child friendly practices. The school is under the process of affiliation with CBSE. The school has been very well accepted by the general populace and its new ideologies of teachings, well received. It is envisaged that Heritage Academy Kotdwara would be providing quality education not only to children of Kotdwara but also children from other parts of Garhwal too with its residential facilities. There is also a plan to set up a sports academy in the campus for school students with the aim to train and field a group of home grown sportspersons.

Location Uttrakhand
Country India
Website www.haydeheritage.com
Type High School