GD Goenka Public School

About School

From pre schools to universities, GD Goenka offers a plethora of opportunities for the youngsters to explore their talent and get their skilled polished. Established in 1994 by G.D Goenka group, the wide range of schools have made their way to the global market as well. Today the Goenka has around 40 schools owned and franchised across India and abroad.In an initiative to enhance the quality education in the valley, GD Goenka has come all the way to offer the curriculum along with the highly equipped modern facilities. The school has been set under a franchise and is partially funded by Al-Habib trust which is known for its pioneering work in providing education to all sections of society. We have a provision for the down trodden section of the society with regard to concession in the school fee. We work to deliver the best to our students and staff. We wish to stand out in the field of education by inculcating smartness and vision in our students.

Location Srinagar
Country India
Website www.gdgoenkasrinagar.com
Type High School