Brilliants' Convent Senior Secondary School

About School

BRILLIANTS’ CONVENT was started with a vision to build integrated young students who are capable of fulfilling their dreams and become aesthetically rich and capable members of society.It is truism to say that great culture and civilizations are not built with bricks, mortar or hammer and chisel, rather we at brilliants’ grow good values silently in the minds and hearts of our students, our heirs, our future and our final hope for redemption of mankind. We always aim to transform lives by creating and sharing knowledge while instilling values that prepares leaders for tomorrow.Our school’s years of endeavours and accomplishments, as an educational institute, have been to empower young minds with knowledge and vision for the better tomorrow.Brilliants’ Convent is serving as a harbinger of holistic development and so have excelled in equipping our young generation with academic competencies, fine values and above all, grace in heart. We here groom penetrating minds, creative ideas and burning conscience. We strive to ingrain the buoyancy of spirit and ability to dream for the universal welfare. We give the talisman to combine learning with values & knowledge with wisdom.

Location Delhi
Country India
Website www.brilliantsconvent.com
Type High School