Who can Register as a Delegate ?

1) Non-European Institutions
This category is for Non- European Institutions who are seeking partnerships with European Institutions only, The appointment system will not allow you to book meetings with Agents or High Schools. In case you wish to meet Agents and High Schools please enrol for UAS-2019, New Delhi.

2) Uniagents Certified Agents
If you have a valid Uniagents Agent Certification and you have a valid invitation of participation from us, please speak to one of our advisors before registration as there are limited places from each country.

3) Service Providers or Organisation in the field of Education
If you are looking to work with European Institutions, please enrol as a delegate but if you wish to meet all the participants from Universities Education Consultancies and High Schools then contact us and we can see if you can be accepted as an Exhibitor.

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