HSE University

Contemporary History Studies in Hisotry Instruction at Secondary Schools

The programme is aimed at a broad range of potential students. Primarily, they are school teachers of history who received their higher education in line with the traditional educational scheme and now need a radical overhaul of the whole system of previously received knowledge. The second type are history students who would like to get education which will allow them to carry out not only independent research, but also research, pedagogical or methodical work in line with the requirements of modern historical science and the modern school.
This programme is unique due to the fact that it avoids the traditional practice of duplication or broadened reproduction of general ‘factual’ courses from the undergraduate modules. The theoretical training of students and their individual academic practice will be based on the creative mastering of different methodical approaches, traditional and innovative methods of historical, historiographical and source-studying analysis and synthesis. Practical training of teacher-researchers and teacher-coordinators will be organized on this basis. The mastering of new methods of historical study will allow history teachers to develop their own original methods of teaching history at school, will adapt and supplement their methodological toolkit, will make the educational process more relevant and will allow them to meet the needs of contemporary school education.

Duration 02 Year 05 Months Average Processing Time 14 Days
Tuition Fee (International) 3900 USD Application Fee 0 USD
Living Cost Additional Fee
Dormitory accomodation (per month): 30
Tuition Fee Break Up
Programme Level Masters/PG Degree
Course Type Full Time
Eligibility (For Domestic Fee)
Other Requirements NA
Special Application Instructions NA
  • Nov( Deadline: Jul)