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SQA Advanced Diploma in Business with Marketing

To be awarded an SQA Advanced Diploma, the student is required to achieve 30 SQA Credits with a mixture of SCQF level 7 and Level 8 Units.

Each Unit is assigned an SQA Credit value of either 1 or 2. This credit value is based approximately on 80 hours of study per credit which consists of 40 hours of structured learning and a further 40 hours of student-led study to consolidate and reinforce learning.

Each Unit is also assigned a Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) level and credit point value. (See below for further details regarding the SCQF).

Each Unit is assigned an agreed number of SCQF credit points. One point represents a notional 10 hours of study by the student at the identified level.

3.1.1 The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)
The SCQF has 12 levels ranging from National 1 at SCQF level 1, up to Doctorate at level 12. The different levels indicate the level of difficulty of a particular qualification and the difference between levels is dependent on factors such as:

  • ♦ the complexity and depth of knowledge and understanding
  • ♦ links to associated academic, vocational or professional practice
  • ♦ the degree of integration, independence and creativity required
  • ♦ the range and sophistication of application/practice
  • ♦ the role(s) taken in relation to other learners/workers in carrying out tasks

3.1.2 SCQF level Descriptors
The SCQF level Descriptors outline the general outcomes of learning at SCQF levels under five broad headings:

  • ♦ Knowledge and understanding (mainly subject-based)
  • ♦ Practice (applied knowledge and understanding)
  • ♦ Generic cognitive skills (eg evaluation, critical analysis)
  • ♦ Communication, numeracy, and IT skills
  • ♦ Autonomy, accountability, and working with others

The Descriptors allow broad comparisons to be made between the outcomes of any learning and allow learners, employers and the public in general to understand the range of skills and learning that should be achieved at each level. SCQF levels are increasingly used in job advertisements to help employers articulate the skills they require for a particular role and to help potential employees to highlight their skills thus ensuring the right person gets the right job.

Duration 02 Year Average Processing Time 20 Days
Tuition Fee (International) 5200 USD Application Fee 500 USD
Living Cost 3000 USD Additional Fee

Retest Medical fee : 2500 MUR



Tuition Fee Break Up 3000 USD/ Year
Programme Level Under Graduate Diploma or Certificate
Course Type Full Time
Eligibility (For Domestic Fee)
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