American University of Malta

BS in Game Development

Game Development is a journey in and of itself. One step after another, you progress from pre-production, through design and actual development, all the way to wrapping it up and shipping your game. AUM's Degree in Game Development sheds light on every milestone of the journey. As a student, you get to participate and experiment with every building block, while developing a critically trained eye.

Game Development is as much about the creative process as it is about cutting-edge technologies. All the way from the latest in software development kits and engine builds to Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, our experts stay on top of things. This way, students can transition into the industry seamlessly while avoiding any lag.

Once you've traveled the distance, you'll have the choice of whether to stay the academic path and pursue a higher degree or apply your sharpened creative skillset by taking up a career in the game development industry.

We want you to graduate fully prepared for your career. This is why our academic advisors also guide you through creating your portfolio to highlight your strengths and abilities, and to navigate your way through networking – a crucial step to get a foothold in the industry

Duration 04 Year 01 Months 02 Days Average Processing Time 14 Days
Tuition Fee (International) 62000 EUR Application Fee 0 EUR
Living Cost 24000 EUR Additional Fee
Tuition Fee Break Up 15500 EUR/ Year
Programme Level Bachelors/UG Degree
Course Type Full Time
Eligibility (For Domestic Fee) Maltese and EU nationals
Other Requirements NA
Special Application Instructions Please fill out our online application at:
    • Application Processing time 14 Days
    • skype interview 7 Days
    • Deposit 14 Days
    • Visa processing 60 Days
    • Arrival at the University 14 Days
    • Enrollment 1 Days
    • Remaining Fees 7 Days