American University of Malta

BS in Business and Finance

The Bachelor of Science in Business and Finance is a dual-sided degree that will o?fer you a solid stepping platform, whichever direction you plan to take your career in. As you work your way through General Education Program (GEP), you will gradually start moving into this double-bill major by laying the foundation of business principles and practices on one hand and looking closely at market and commercial practices and trends on the other.

By working with business models and existing theories and practices, our experienced faculty members will assist you in fostering management and leadership skills. You will learn to navigate your way through corporate and entrepreneurial cultures and climates at a time of quickly shifting sands.

Are you aspiring to a career in commercial or financial banking, investment or money management, or even real estate or insurance? Regardless of what career path you take, you will always have to make tough decisions on the fly despite market conditions and circumstances that never cease to change. This is why our faculty here at AUM, seasoned both as academics and industry leaders will train you to identify financial risk and manage it adequately. All of this will take into consideration the latest market trends such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, which call for unprecedented strategies and procedures.

Here at AUM, we want you to graduate fully confident in your skills to immerse yourself in the ebbing and flowing global market tide and handle yourself as a true expert in your financial field

Duration 04 Year 01 Months 02 Days Average Processing Time 14 Days
Tuition Fee (International) 62000 EUR Application Fee 0 EUR
Living Cost 24000 EUR Additional Fee
Tuition Fee Break Up 15500 EUR/ Year
Programme Level Bachelors/UG Degree
Course Type Full Time
Eligibility (For Domestic Fee) Maltese and EU nationals
Other Requirements NA
Special Application Instructions Please fill out our online application at:
    • Application Processing time 14 Days
    • skype interview 7 Days
    • Deposit 14 Days
    • Visa processing 60 Days
    • Arrival at the University 14 Days
    • Enrollment 1 Days
    • Remaining Fees 7 Days