University Francisco de Paula Santander
Location Cúcuta ,
Funding Type Public
No of StudentsNA
Type University
Year of Establishment 1962
Marketing Material

 The Francisco de Paula Santander University (Spanish: Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander) is a public, departmental, coeducational, research university based primarily in the city of Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, Colombia with regional campuses in Ocaña, Chinacota and Tibú.


The university was founded on July 5, 1962, as a Laws Foundation with economy classes. Later recognized by Decree number 37 of 1964 and made official like an institution of superior education of the department order by means of decree 323 of May 13, 1970 sent by the government of the Department of Norte de Santander.
The Francisco de Paula Santander University, is a university autonomous, with legal function and position of agent, independent patrimony, academic, administrative and financial autonomy and special regime, linked to the National Ministry of Education and organized like a public establishment of academic character of the department order.
It is located in the city of Cúcuta, and have two branches in Ocaña and in Chinácota.

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