Regent's International College
Location Bangkok,
Funding Type Private
No of Students100
Type HE Institution / College
Year of Establishment 2012
Marketing Material

Regent' International College is the first college in Thailand to offer the BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Management, Hospitality Management, Performing Arts and Music. After receiving their HND students can then apply to some of America's top school for transfer. UC Berkeley, Cornell, CalTech, Harvard, and many other schools now accept BTEC credits for transfer on a case-by-case basis. In addition we will be adding additional coureses to help our students fulfill the distribution requirements required of top American schools. Many of these courses will be Ivy League style seminars taught by Ivy League graduates. We believe we offer the best transfer platform in Asia if not the world. We offer a unique curriculum, customized internships, and a unique overseas experience for foreign students who hope to differentiate themselves from other applicants in their home country. BTEC is the world's most successful and best-loved applied learning brand, and has been engaging learners in practical, interpersonal and critical analytical skills for 30 years. What is important is that the BTEC curriculum was developed in direct response to extensive conversations with industry leaders about the types of skills they wanted in their employees One could argue it is the first truly systematic modern curriculum built around a specific industry requirements. At Regent's International College we teach the BTEC curriculum. This means all our students our graded on hands-on projects which are graded externally by outside graders in Great Britain. Our students must perform at the highest standards forcing native speakers and non native speakers alike to improve their language skills, their analytical skills, and their presentation/communication skills. We also offer Ivy League style seminars to further enhance debate skills and qualitative thinking skills and to prepare students for the rigors of seminars at top schools. In addition, we offer our students the most intensive internship programs in the world. Our alliance with Asia Internship Program insures we can offer our students super customized, germane, meaningful internships that will boost their profiles and facilitate their transfer to top US and British schools. Moreover, because of our ambition to become the most effective, affordable, international education experience in the World we have partnered with Dr. Robert Clyne of, a top flight admissions consulting service specializing in Ivy League and other top US universities. He has been authorized to recruit internationally and offer scholarships to qualified candidates. He will also be overseeing the transfer strategies of our top students.

- Regent's is becoming the premier path to top US universities in Asia. Our BTEC curriculum is now begin accepted on a case by case basis by top schools such as Harvard, Cornell, UCLA, Berkeley, and a myriad of others. -Our relationship with Asia Internship Program means we can create customized internships to our student's specification with top businesses in Thailand. -Thailand offers unique opportunity for a diverse array of unique extracurricular activities from amateur Muay Thai, to modeling, acting in films, and acting in a professional touring theater company. There are also lots of NGOs doing interesting work in Thailand and Cambodia that would provide unique learning opportunities for our students. -So far our graduates have enjoyed a 100% success rate in transferring to British, American, or other national universities of their choice. -We offer Ivy League seminars to fulfill the academic diversity requirement required by top US universities. These courses are taught by Ivy League graduate professors. -Regent's 2 plus 1 one offers a highly affordable British Bachelor's in only three years. - Regents's International College offers BTEC curriculum from Great Britain and all course work are graded by British graders in four subjects-Business Management, Hospitality Management, Performance Art, and Music -The Robert Clyne Scholarship/Regent's International Collaboration makes it at least 60% cheaper to obtain a British Bachelor's Degree than the traditional route. -The BTEC system emphasizes hand's on learning. There are no tests, just project and presentations. Emphasizes problem solving, task completion, and team work not rote memorization. It is recognized worldwide for its effectiveness. -With our program you will have meaningful learning experience in Asia and the West while gaining an affordable and practical degree without being encumbered by huge debt. You may even be able to work your way through school -The program requires a two-year residency in Bangkok. One year in great Britain -There are a total of six trimesters for the first two years (each trimester is about three months). Students receive their BTEC Higher National Diploma. They receive their Bachelor's degree after completing their third year. - Students have internships during their second year -The normal tuition is $8,000 per year. By applying separately for the Robert Clyne Scholarship you can reduce this substantially. -The one-time registration fee is $1,700 -To apply for the Robert Clyne Scholarship apply directly through our website so we can set up a face to face or SKYPE interview.

Regent's International College is recognized as the number 1 international program in Thaialnd by the British Chamber of Commerce and is the preferred source of student interns for Chamber of Commerc

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