Funding Type Private
No of StudentsNA
Type HE Institution / College
Year of Establishment 2003
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INC is a private college based in Sotira (Free Famagusta area), Cyprus, offering tertiary education to Cypriot and foreign students. INC is registered with the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and is duly authorized to offer Tertiary Education and to award its own Certificates/Diplomas/Degrees. Internapa consists of two buildings. A three store building where there are 8 lecture rooms, 1 computer lab, 1 kitchen lab, 1 personal Support Worker lab, 3 faculty offices and one conference room. There are two play grounds for volley ball and basket and parking for 50 cars. An additional floor on this building is under construction which is going to help us expand our capacity to 1100 students. The second building is 100m away and consists of two store building where the library is on the ground floor and on the first floor there are 4 administration offices.

Cooperation with well-known Universities InterNapa College has signed agreements with Universities in UK, Canada, Switzerland and other countries, which enable students with INC two-year Diploma to continue their education at these universities in the third year of their studies for a bachelor’s degree. Our Mission INC’s mission is to continue to develop as a college of higher education by fostering a learning environment where students, faculty, personnel and stakeholders strive ethically to achieve their goals and fulfill their social responsibilities. We at INC will dedicate all our efforts to providing students personal support to excel academically, professionally and socially for today and the future. Our Objectives To achieve its mission, the College affirms as its objectives the following: • To offer personal care and understanding to students • To provide a network of staff who are always available to offer support to students experiencing academic and/or personal problems • To offer quality academic programs • To develop students’ capacity to think, act and behave democratically • To retain qualified faculty and support their development • To develop moral bonds between staff and students • To enhance students communication and friendship • To develop opportunities for education and understanding between people of different cultures • To remain committed to the development of Cyprus Our Strategies Our Main Strategy is Growth. InterNapa College will diversify and increase resources to provide quality programs and services, facilities, technology, and human resources to support its students’ community. The College and its people embraced changes that have brought about remarkable accomplishments throughout the institution. Our Philosophy Our philosophy combines qualitative education and academic commitment. Our academic aims Our academic aims include well-organized academic programs, strict standards of discipline and hard working management and staff in order to ensure high levels of education and successful results for our students. In the long-run, our aim is to satisfy student’s ambitions by always being up-to

INC is offering programmes leading to a two-year Diploma in the following fields: • Business Administration (Accredited) • Computer Studies • Office Administration • Hospitality and Tourism Manag

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