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Mission To create and nurture a diverse student body committed to leadership in alleviating human suffering caused by disease through innovative research and health care delivery. Vision The vision of the GAU School of Medicine is to: • Educate and retain a diverse physician workforce needed to help address the underserved patient care needs of the people of Guyana and • Develop a platform for an expanded biomedical health and clinical sciences research program to advance knowledge in the medical sciences; • Recruit a diverse student body and faculty that reflect the demographics of Guyana and • Contribute internationally by enhancing the clinical delivery system through relationships with community hospitals, physicians, and other providers, as well as attracting and training new physicians worldwide. Medical School Programs: There are 2 programs: 1. 1 year Premedical Program 2. 4 years Medical Degree (MD) program Premedical Students: A 48 weeks Premedical Diploma Program is based on a curriculum that supports didactic and problem based learning. This program serves as a bridge between High School and Medical School. It is equivalent to a first year undergraduate program, with focus on introduction to medical program. The curriculum for the first and second trimester would focus on fundamental natural sciences courses and professional etiquettes while the final trimester would place more emphasis on introducing students to medical setting. Students who complete this program successfully will be admitted into the 4 years MD program. Medical Students: A four-year M.D. degree based on a curriculum that supports didactic, problem-based learning, and clinical clerkships to provide a broad based training environment for the medical students. The curriculum in the first and second years is heavily influenced by the current two-year Pre-clinical program taught in most US based medical schools who have adopted the systemic approach to teaching medicine as opposed to the subject based approached designed over 100 year. The Premedical Sciences Program (1 year) and Preclinical Program are taught at the Georgetown, Guyana location and the Clinical Sciences Program can be done in the UK, USA, Canada, Caribbean and Guyana. Students’ placement depends on their eligibility for a visa to these clinical sites (hospital). Medical School Admission GAU has developed an approach to select candidates that is committed to becoming a physician and who has the drive to become a success. While we pay attention to GPA we also consider candidates who possess the zeal and determination to handle the rigorous journey through medical school. • Admission process GAU admission process is a two-step process. Fist ensures that you fit the requirements for entry into the program. Full out an online application form and submit with the required documentation. Within 2 weeks of receiving application, students would be notified whether they are preselected. Once you are preselected for the program you would be invited for an interview. Interviews are done in person, online via video call or via telephone in some cases. A successful interview qualifies you for entry into the program. Admission Requirement All applicants are given serious consideration by the Admission Committee which consists of senior faculty members. A variety of factors are considered during the preselect ion process: Premedical Program • High School Diploma • Passes in at least 5 subjects at CXC or GCE O levels which must include at least 1 science subjects, Mathematics, English (or equivalence) • Personal Essay • 2 Letters of Recommendation Doctor of Medicine Program • Undergraduate GPA with at least 2.6 • GPA in premedical program with at least 2.6 (if applicable) • Premedical Committee Evaluation (if applicable) • Medical experience and professional work history (if applicable) • Personal Essay • 2 Letters of Recommendation • Extracurricular Activities and Achievements Students preselected will be invited for an interview. A successful interview automatically qualifies for entry into the program.

*High School students can complete 1 year of premedical sciences before entering MD program *We provide a 4 years Medical Degree Program *Students can complete clinical rotations in UK, Canada, USA and Caribbean *Our Doctor of Medicine Program Curriculum is the modern curriculum used by most medical schools in the USA

Premedical Sciences Diploma Doctorate of Medicine (M.D)

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