Bitlis Eren University

About us

Location Bitlis, Turkey Funding Type Public
No of Students 8000 Establishment University
Founded In 2007 Estimated Cost of Living 200 EUR
Address Bitlis Eren √úniversitesi

Bitlis Eren University is a state university located at the eastern part of Turkey, which was established in 2007. University has signed approximately 25 Erasmus Aggrement, where over 100 activities took place within five years. The state-of-the-art technology is available for use within the university, particularly for MSc and PhD students. University's location is nearby the lake Van, which is the largest lake of the country.
An introductory video of Bitlis Eren University


Bitlis Eren University is located at a 

rugged area. For those who love snow 

and skiing, Winter here would be an 

amazing experience. There are three 

skiing areas, which you can choose 

depending on your skiing skills. The lake 

Van is quite close to the university, 

where you can walk on the sidelines for 

a freshening air, particularly in Spring.

At least half of the university staff has 

an abroad experience, therefore our 

academics here are very welcoming for 

foreign students. We are eager to learn 

about different cultures and backgrounds.