Bunts Sangha's S M Shetty High School & Jr. college

About us

Location Mumbai, India Funding Type Private
No of Students 2912 Establishment High School
Founded In 1998 Estimated Cost of Living 140000 AFN
Address Near Hiranandani Gardens , Powai

 The purpose of establishing Bunts Sangha’s S M Shetty High School & Junior College was to fulfill  the  desire to give something in return to the city of Mumbai and in turn the world which has provided opportunities to our people to prosper in their chosen field and profession in Maharashtra.

The foundation stone of the school was laid in 1998 on a prime piece of land measuring 2 acres, allotted by the Government.  Today, after 20 years of inception, we are one of the finest schools in Mumbai offering a diverse choice of curriculum. The school is a co-education institution with English as the medium of instruction. It is open to all communities irrespective of caste, creed or colour. Equal emphasis is given to academic and non - academic subjects in order to bring overall development of the child. Every child is given an opportunity to develop his / her talents and blossom into full fledges citizen of the society. Our school is committed to imparting education to students, which will ensure their all- round development into responsible and confident individuals. We strive to provide the best possible learning environment and facilities to enable them to achieve their full potential in academics, sports and other co-curricular pursuits. We stress on inculcating moral and human values in order that they grow into committed citizens, aware of their individual and social responsibilities. We provide a fulfilling work environment to the teachers which enable them to contribute their fullest in the above endeavour. We are committed to meeting all regulatory requirements and have established a Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001 : 2015 And through its effective implementation, we strive to continually improve all our processes to meet the changing needs of both children and parents .


Our journey started in June 1998 with 240 students and 11 staff members in Jr.kg, Sr.kg and  Std I. Today when the school completes 20 years of academic excellence, our institute boasts of strength of about 8000 students and 370 staff members from Day care to the Degree College. The eight floor complex comprises of classrooms equipped with modern technological teaching aids , A vast redesigned and redefined turf playground, A Human Development Centre with well qualified Special Educators and Counsellors, A well-equipped Medical centre with a qualified nurse, Science labs, computer labs and language lab, Library with 18800 books and reference material, Dance drama room and  a quiet room.