American University in Bulgaria

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

The Journalism and Mass Communication faculty is committed to an academic and professional program that encompasses the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in 21st century media. The program will emphasize critical thinking, research, writing, and visual communication skills within an ethical framework across all media and professional disciplines.

The JMC faculty recognizes that media throughout the world are changing. New information technologies, media convergence, cross-cultural perspectives and new economic realities are shifting the ways we communicate. At the same time, the principles of journalism and mass communication remain essential to a democratic society. Accuracy and balance in reporting, upholding high ethical standards and a commitment to serving the interests of the public are central to our aims. 

The core required courses are the foundation of the program. They provide the theoretical, historical, ethical and cultural background that underlies journalism and mass communication today. The elective courses, presented in two tracks, focus on the skills needed to function in global media. The internship, either professional or academic, further enhances the acquired concepts and skills, as does participation in extracurricular activities on campus (i.e., magazine, online news websites, 24/7 radio station).

JMC students are encouraged to enroll in other courses to expand their cultural and disciplinary perspectives , and  also to major or minor in a separate discipline. This opportunity to shape a multi-disciplinary course of study within the liberal arts tradition is an invitation for students to enrich their knowledge base in preparation for further inquiry, research and understanding.

Upon graduation, students are prepared to pursue a range of careers in a variety of fields ranging from media organizations, advertising and public relations agencies, design studios, production houses, and others or continue their education with graduate studies at leading universities around the world.

Duration 04 Year Average Processing Time 21 Days
Tuition Fee (International) 12300 USD Application Fee 0 USD
Living Cost 3000 USD Additional Fee
Text books $ 300 Temporary residency $ 200
Tuition Fee Break Up 6150 USD/ Semester
Programme Level Bachelors/UG Degree
Course Type Full Time
Eligibility (For Domestic Fee)
Other Requirements NA
Special Application Instructions NA
  • Sep( Deadline: Jun)
  • Jan( Deadline: Nov)
  • Confirmation Deadline 30 Days