American University in Bulgaria

Information Systems

The major in Information Systems is designed to train professionals who are competent to solve problems in a huge and growing area of computer-based information systems and services. The major provides a broad understanding of the role played by modern computer and communication technologies in every area of human activities. It trains students to analyze problems and to provide solutions, using up-to-date information technologies.

A student will benefit from this program as either a stand-alone major or as a second major – or from some of the courses offered that complement the student’s main stream of education.

The curriculum of Information Systems major is designed to enable students to reach the following skill or competency–based outcomes:

  • provide knowledge about existing computer languages, development environments and technologies;
  • develop skills to specify, implement, and monitor the development of an information system;
  • create an understanding of the role of information as a strategic resource as well as the specific problems in its management;
  • develop skills to better utilize the positive effects of implementing computer-based information technologies while avoiding negative results and possible conflicts between people and technology;
  • provide knowledge about models, measurements, and optimization techniques;
  • develop effective communication skills by creating and implementing information systems solutions.

Typical employment positions for our graduates are: data and network analysts; system analysts; information systems developers, designers, or quality assurance experts; web designers; database designers; system and database administrators.

Duration 04 Year Average Processing Time 21 Days
Tuition Fee (International) 12300 USD Application Fee 0 USD
Living Cost 3000 USD Additional Fee
Text books $ 300 Temporary residency $ 200
Tuition Fee Break Up 6150 USD/ Semester
Programme Level Bachelors/UG Degree
Course Type Full Time
Eligibility (For Domestic Fee)
Other Requirements NA
Special Application Instructions NA
  • Sep( Deadline: Jun)
  • Jan( Deadline: Nov)
  • Confirmation Deadline 30 Days