University of Health Sciences Antigua

Pre-Med to M.D.

The Pre-Medical Sciences at the University of Health Sciences Antigua is designed for high school graduates intending to obtain an MD Degree. Upon successful completion of 4 semesters of premedical courses, students are eligible to begin the Traditional Medical Doctor (M.D.) program at UHSA.

The curriculum is consistent with UHSA’s integrated medical curriculum, which allows students to have a smooth transition into the basic sciences of the M.D. program. It presents fundamental scientific concepts from a medical perspective and incorporates USMLE Step 1 familiarization from day one.

Duration 02 Year Average Processing Time 5 Days
Tuition Fee (International) 19468 USD Application Fee 0 USD
Living Cost 5000 USD Additional Fee
  • Seat reservation (non-refundable) $500.00
  • Late Arrival $500.00
  • Leave Of Absence (LOA) $500.00
  • Student services $225.00
  • Transcripts $50.00
Tuition Fee Break Up 4867 USD/ Semester
Programme Level Bachelors/UG Degree
Course Type Full Time
Eligibility (For Domestic Fee)
Other Requirements NA
Special Application Instructions NA
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  • May
  • Aug